svd for sale


svd for sale


svd for sale

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Here we have an extremely rare Norinco NDM-86 Deluxe package in velvet presentation case. This rifle is chambered in 7.62x54r and is the second most rare Dragunov rifle behind the original KBI import Russian rifles. The Chinese were the only country to copy the original SVD exactly and built an excellent rifle that remains in use overseas to this day. These velvet cased versions, unlike many of the later commercial imports, show clear scrubbing marks on the underside of the receiver where they were originally marked as military rifles and then had the military markings removed when they were packaged for sale to the United States. Very rare guns and the best of the NDM rifles. This is one you can keep as an investment and not feel back to take it out at the barbecue and let friends shoot a few a rounds through it.



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