Glock G44


Glock G44


Glock G44

Product Description

Pure GLOCK! New caliber! The innovative design of the GLOCK® G44 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol is GLOCK’s first hybrid steel-polymer slide chambered for the .22-cal. round. This gives it a naturally low recoil for total control and easier follow-up shots. With its compact design and backstrap adaptability, it’s perfect for almost any hand size. The G44 comes equipped with the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) for top-notch accuracy and repeatable precision. The Safe Action® system boasts 3 automatic independently-operating safeties that provide consistent trigger pulls. Adjustable rear sights. Includes two 10-round magazines.

Manufacturer model #: 119218.

Chambered for the .22-cal. round

Low recoil for total control

Hybrid steel-polymer slide

GLOCK Marksman Barrel for maximum accuracy

Perfect for almost any hand size

3 automatic independently-operating safeties

Adjustable rear sights

Includes two 10-round magazines.


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